Lalelani Mbhele

He was born in 1975 in Umlazi Township outside Durban in KwaZulu Natal. 
Lalelani’s talent did not come as a surprise; he was sported by his Primary school teacher at an early age of ten years. His teacher encouraged him to draw diagrams on chalkboards and make illustrations for the class.

He spent time drawing because it was enjoyable and it left him with a fulfilling experience. When he reached Grade11, his class teacher Mrs. Ntanzi introduced Lalelani to the BAT Centre where he attended part time art classes. At the end of this course in 1993, he was granted a bursary to study Fine Art at DUT by a customer who had purchased his first painting.

Lalelani’s paintings are often executed in a unique creative style; he carefully considers formal aspects such as colour and composition. Prominent in all of his artworks is an added element of humor which always enhances his work.