Celebrating Craft in 2010

The African Art Centre was established fifty years ago as a centre which promotes and develops the
work of both artists and crafters primarily from KwaZulu Natal but also from the rest of the South Africa.
Since its inception, the Centre has been instrumental in implementing sustainable development projects
and programmes which impart new skills and extend on the skills that already exist within the craft
communities of both urban and rural KwaZulu Natal.
2010 Football fever has hit the African Art Centre and we believe that the forthcoming 2010 World Cup
and 450 000 expected visitors will offer the craft industry in South Africa with considerable
opportunities. In anticipation of this once in a lifetime event, crafters supported by the African Art
Centre have expanded and extended on the range of products they produce in an attempt to yield
optimum economic benefits. A variety of 2010 inspired items, richly invested with individual skill,
dedication and ability representing considerable product diversity will be on exhibition at the African Art
Centre from 21 April 2010.
A highlight of the exhibition will be a unique range of beaded jewellery especially designed by artist and
designer Andrew Verster. Items include bracelets and necklaces which incorporate contemporary
colours and trends combined with traditional Zulu bead making design and technique. The range of
jewellery items on exhibition were created by a group of 20 crafters who attended a Development
Workshops facilitated by Hlengiwe Dube at the African Art Centre in March 2010. The workshop
aimed at developing new skills and techniques, product development and encouraged the production of
works of high quality and originality.
Craft items on display will include a range of 2010 related items including beautifully beaded and
painted Vuvuzelas, Makarapas (traditional soccer headgear), painted gumboots and clogs, beaded
soccer players, bags and embroideries. The bags and embroideries on exhibition were produced at a
workshop facilitated by Leonie Malherbe to a group of 10 crafters.
Mrs. Weziwe Thusi, MEC of The MEC of Arts, Culture, Sport and Recreation will open the exhibition on
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 at 17:30. The opening will include a performance by the KwaNyuswa
Homeboys Isicathamiya Music Group.
The exhibition is sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the National Lottery Distribution Trust