Celebrating Women

Each year on the 9th of August, South Africans of all backgrounds, races and cultural groups
join together in celebrating National Women’s Day. The African Art Centre will be
supporting this initiative by celebrating the creativity of four young artists from KwaZulu
Natal, Witty Nyide, Zama Mthiyane, Nozipho Zulu and Gloria Mbhele. The aim of the
exhibition is to promote the work of contemporary female artists from KwaZulu Natal and
to emphasize the talents and accomplishments of these four women who are eager to make
their mark in the art world.
Nozipho Zulu’s work celebrates the life and significance of ordinary woman. Her paintings
capture the unique characteristics of women situated within a natural environment
performing every day, mundane activities. Throughout her body of works the strength,
intensity and the relentless nature of everyday women is captured by her use of
composition and by the way in which she positions the subject matter.
Witty Nyide’s work explores the social constructs of the self, particularly the process (es) of
becoming. She interrogates social habits that impose themselves as rituals and engages in a
process that attempts to cross-examine and make sense of daily social relationships.
Zama Mthiyane focuses on family memories: She makes use of her personal family
photographs as source of reference and material. By gathering the material and from her
experiences, she is able to discover who her family members are and through her art she is
recreates them, they way she sees them.
Gloria Mbhele explores everyday life, social activities and especially issues affecting women.
Gloria believes that the souls of women are layered with certain emotions which are not
always easy to communicate. The paintings on this exhibition attempt to explore and
express these emotions.
The works on exhibition are unique and express the thought processes and sentiments of
four diverse women working in various media, from painting, silkscreen and mixed media
from KwaZulu Natal.
The exhibition will be opened by Dina Cormick, Feminist Artists and Visual Theologian on
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 at the African Art Centre, 94 Florida Road, Durban at 17:30.
The exhibition closes on 2 September 2010.
For additional information contact the Director, Sharon Crampton on 031-312 3805 or