Exhibition of New Christmas Ornaments and Telephone Wire Products

The African Art Centre is showcasing the festive '2009 Christmas Ornaments and New
Range of Telephone Wire Products' exhibition.
It is hard to believe it is Christmas time again, we are already 2 months from the end of
2009.  The African Art Centre has prepared a pleasant package for your Christmas tree and
house decorations and for gifts.
For the African Art Centre, year 2009 has been full of activity, our development workshops
have insured that the crofters remain self employed and can provide financial support to
their families.
The crofters who have been working with our organization for many years, constantly
received input on how to improve and make their products marketable. A number of new
artists knocked at our doors and were not only welcomed but had their skills nurtured and
monitored through our development programs.
To ensure that we broaden our spectrum of craft and art development in the KwaZulu Natal
region, our services reached the far-flung rural area of New Hanover, in a form of the
‘Siyazikhandla telephone wire workshop. 
We are holding this exhibition to present the New Beaded and Embroidered Christmas
ornaments and the New Range of Telephone Wire projects.
The African Art Centre