Fine Art at the Centre “Promoting original talent through equitable trade practices”

 IMAGES OF FINE ART ATTHE AFRICAN ART CENTRE 500 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, Durban


Berman, Kim - Clause 11 Political Rights Relief etching 38 x 57 cm  R1787  XXX57.2/03/16  (Artists for Human Rights Portfolio)




Verster, Andrew. Clause 23 Cultural Association.  Linocut 30 x 29 cm R1787 XXX59.4/03/16 (Artists for Human Rights Portfolio)




Almarildo, Alberto,  Big Family. Crayon on paper, 101 x 81.5 cm. R5834  HHH/38.2/10




Amratlal, Rohini. Live on 4. Etching Artists Proof. 13 x 20cm
R200 2C80.4/12/18   



Armitage, Humphrey. Soweto. Acrylic on canvas  R2500  2D90.1/01/20





Buthelezi, Moses. Celebration. Linocut 53 x 38cm. R642  RR31/08/204


Cele, Khulekani. Draconian Marks. Etching 25 x 35 cm. R1250 2B/06/18

Bhengu, Musa. Untitled. Oil pastel on paper. 25 x 35cm R1800 2D16.3/02/19


Cele, Siyabonga. My Journey. Pastel on paper 51 x 77cm. R650 ZZZ72.1/02/17


Ngcobo Lindokuhle. Rejecting the Interest of the Past. Mixed medium on paper 82 x 120 cm. R8000  2E47/10/20



Ndlovu, Lungisani. Ukuphepha Kwentsa Safety of the Youth. Acrylic on cardboard 101.5 x 66 cm. R6500    2E43/10/20



 Cele, Siyabonga. My Makeshift Home. Acrylic on canvas 35 x 50cm. R1450 ZZZ72/02/17


Cele, Sizwe. Lesoskhashan. Colour Linocut 43 x 61cm R4167 ZZZ60.2/01/17



Cele, Sizwe. Love in Nature. Colour linocut 86 x 30cm. R2834 ZZZ61.3/01/17



Di Muro, Edoardo. Ghandi Settlement. Lithograph 50 x 70 cm. R584  SS57/02/05


Di Muro, Edoardo. Victoria Street Market, Durban. Lithograph 50 c 70 cm  R584  SS60.3/2/05

Di Muro, Edoardo. Florida Road Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70 cm. R585.00  SS60.3/02/05 

Di Muro, Edoardo.  Hotel Palmerston Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70. R585 SS60.2/2/05

Di Muro, Edoardo. Natal Technikon campus Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70 cm. R585  II85.2/10/2001

Di Muro, Edoardo. Commercial Road Durban. Lithography 50 x 70 cm R585  SS57.3/02/05

Di Muro, Edoardo.  Quadrant House, Esplanade Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70cm  SS62.2/02/05


Shandu, Kenneth.  Queen of the Gardens. Drypoint etching edition number 2/10. 74 x 54 cm R3500.  2E30/10/20 


Goje, Sandile. A Country in Prayer. Linocut on tissue paper 32 x 42cm R1334   ZZZ44/12/16



Goje, Sandile. Feel by Heartbeat. Linocut on tissue paper 42 x 42cm. R1667  ZZZ47.1/12/16


Dlamini, Gift. Portrait. Watercolour on paper 30 x 39cm. R295  XXX26/01/16

Donaldson, Deanne, Durban Bay. Lithograph 38 x 56 cm. R2504  UU72/2/06











Ndlovu, Major. Label. acrylic on canvas (2017) R3334. ZZZ98/02/17
Graham, Hilary. Summer (2014) acrylic on canvas. 40cm x 40cm. R4032.28. RR1/3/14
Armitage, Humphrey. Awake (Irene Armitage) (2005) gouache conte chalk on paper. 45cm x 56cm. R1275. AAC stock
Solomon, Chadre (His Birthday)(2018) acrylic on canvas. 70cm x 50cm. R1000. 2B70/05/18
Mills, Rob. Supreme (2016) acrylic print. 42cm x 33 cm. R3334. YYY6.3/06/16