Fine Art at the Centre “Promoting original talent through equitable trade practices”

 IMAGES OF FINE ART ATTHE AFRICAN ART CENTRE 500 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, Durban recent exhibition "What is Worrying You" sponsored by The Department of Sports, Art and Culture, with 10 invited artists and curated by Kenneth Shandu. 

List of artists participating: Buthelezi Khaliphile, Gumada Mfezeko, Hlubi Vakalisa, Luthuli Asiphile, Masondo Snqobile, Mbaliyethu Mabuza, Mkhize Khulekani, Ngubo Khulekani,  Radebe Zwelinjani, Xulu Mthokozisi

 Mfezeko Gumada, Hlaa Li Qhaa Lee, ribbon stitched on cardboard 45 x 60cm R4025



 Mthokozisi Xulu Come closer and see, charcoal and fabric collage on paper 70 x 50cm, R1771
 Sonqbele Masondo Influence, acrylic and spray paint on canvas 60 x 45cm R3300

 Zwelinjani Radebe, Surface, collage and acrylic on paper 50 x 70cm R1500


 Asiphile Luthuli, African Beauty I, charcoal, acrylic on canvas 60 x 45 cm R2676

Asiphile Luthuli, African Beauty II, charcoal, acrylic on canvas 60 x 45 cm R2676




 Khulekani Ngubo Imvelaphi, charcoal on paper 60 x 45cm R2415
 Vakalisa Hlubi Outcast, watercolour and acrylic on paper 85 x 60cm R3450
 Khulekane Mkhize, Zibonela, charcoal on paper 60 x 45cm R2415
 Khaliphile Buthelezi, Yaphela imbokodo, acrylic on paper 60 x 45cm R2254
 Mbaliyethu Mabusa, Imfudumalo yesinto, charcoal and acrylic on paper 60 x 45cm R5408



Verster, Andrew. Clause 23 Cultural Association.  Linocut 30 x 29 cm R1787 XXX59.4/03/16 (Artists for Human Rights Portfolio)




Almarildo, Alberto,  Big Family. Crayon on paper, 101 x 81.5 cm. R5834  HHH/38.2/10




Amratlal, Rohini. Live on 4. Etching Artists Proof. 13 x 20cm
R200 2C80.4/12/18   



Armitage, Humphrey. Soweto. Acrylic on canvas  R2500  2D90.1/01/20





Buthelezi, Moses. Celebration. Linocut 53 x 38cm. R642  RR31/08/204


Cele, Khulekani. Draconian Marks. Etching 25 x 35 cm. R1250 2B/06/18

Bhengu, Musa. Untitled. Oil pastel on paper. 25 x 35cm R1800 2D16.3/02/19


Cele, Siyabonga. My Journey. Pastel on paper 51 x 77cm. R650 ZZZ72.1/02/17


Ngcobo Lindokuhle. Rejecting the Interest of the Past. Mixed medium on paper 82 x 120 cm. R8000  2E47/10/20



Ndlovu, Lungisani. Ukuphepha Kwentsa Safety of the Youth. Acrylic on cardboard 101.5 x 66 cm. R6500    2E43/10/20



 Cele, Siyabonga. My Makeshift Home. Acrylic on canvas 35 x 50cm. R1450 ZZZ72/02/17


Cele, Sizwe. Lesoskhashan. Colour Linocut 43 x 61cm R4167 ZZZ60.2/01/17



Cele, Sizwe. Love in Nature. Colour linocut 86 x 30cm. R2834 ZZZ61.3/01/17



Di Muro, Edoardo. Ghandi Settlement. Lithograph 50 x 70 cm. R584  SS57/02/05


Di Muro, Edoardo. Victoria Street Market, Durban. Lithograph 50 c 70 cm  R584  SS60.3/2/05

Di Muro, Edoardo. Florida Road Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70 cm. R585.00  SS60.3/02/05 

Di Muro, Edoardo.  Hotel Palmerston Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70. R585 SS60.2/2/05

Di Muro, Edoardo. Natal Technikon campus Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70 cm. R585  II85.2/10/2001

Di Muro, Edoardo. Commercial Road Durban. Lithography 50 x 70 cm R585  SS57.3/02/05

Di Muro, Edoardo.  Quadrant House, Esplanade Durban. Lithograph 50 x 70cm  SS62.2/02/05


Shandu, Kenneth.  Queen of the Gardens. Drypoint etching edition number 2/10. 74 x 54 cm R3500.  2E30/10/20 


Goje, Sandile. A Country in Prayer. Linocut on tissue paper 32 x 42cm R1334   ZZZ44/12/16



Goje, Sandile. Feel by Heartbeat. Linocut on tissue paper 42 x 42cm. R1667  ZZZ47.1/12/16


Dlamini, Gift. Portrait. Watercolour on paper 30 x 39cm. R295  XXX26/01/16

Donaldson, Deanne, Durban Bay. Lithograph 38 x 56 cm. R2504  UU72/2/06











Ndlovu, Major. Label. acrylic on canvas (2017) R3334. ZZZ98/02/17
Graham, Hilary. Summer (2014) acrylic on canvas. 40cm x 40cm. R4032.28. RR1/3/14
Armitage, Humphrey. Awake (Irene Armitage) (2005) gouache conte chalk on paper. 45cm x 56cm. R1275. AAC stock
Solomon, Chadre (His Birthday)(2018) acrylic on canvas. 70cm x 50cm. R1000. 2B70/05/18
Mills, Rob. Supreme (2016) acrylic print. 42cm x 33 cm. R3334. YYY6.3/06/16